Vocabulary Definitions

Vocabulary 5 Culture & Language

Vocabulary 6 Religion & Ethnicity


Chapter 4 Outline.pdf (PDF)   Chapter 4 Outline.docx (WORD)   Videos on Popular & Folk

Chapter 5 Outline.pdf (PDF)   Chapter 5 Outline.docx (WORD)   Videos on Language

Chapter 6 Outline.pdf (PDF)   Chapter 6 Outline.docx (WORD)   Videos on Religion

Chapter 7 Outline.pdf (PDF)   Chapter 7 Outline.docx (WORD)   Videos on Ethnicity

Who Are We? Photo Activity

Amish Cultural Landscape Assignment

Directions: Amish Cultural Landscape Assignment.pdf

Link: Amish - Zee Map

Amish Website:

Housing Cultural Landscape Assignment

Directions: Housing Cultural Landscape Activity.pdf

Link: Housing - Zee Map

Popular and Folk Culture

Popular and Folk Culture Chart.pdf

Gatlinburg Handout.pdf      FRQ for Gatlinburg.pdf

McDonald's Handout.pdf

Google Maps Activity.key

My Geography (Keynote 2011).key

BigMac - Hamburger Standard

The Nine Nations of North America

Nine Nations Writing Assignment

Survival of a Folk Culture_ The Old Order Amish.pdf

Looking for Lawns

Folk Homes.pdf

Amish in Lawrence County, TN.ppt

Amish in Lawrence County, TN.pdf

Language Activities

Language Families Map for Language Family Quiz

World Language Activity.pdf

Language Family Pick One.pdf  

        Language Family Tree #1   Language Family Tree #2

        World Language Family Tree (Animated)

Old World Language Activity.pdf

Names Activity.pdf

Africa Colonization Clickable Map.key

Toponyms    US Outline Maps for Counties

Disappearing Languages:

Language Quizzes

Language Articles

History of English

A Coke Is A Coke

List of countries where English is an official language

Speaking English in the United States

English Map

English on the Internet

Do You Speak American Web Site:

Regional Dialects NYT

Regional Vocabulary

Is English Taking Over the World

A nation divided by one language.pdf

An Official U.S. Language

Social Morale Model

World Englishes

The language battle that is tearing Belgium apart

Belgium Map

French Speakers Map in Canada

Separatism in Quebec

Stop Signs in Quebec

The Welsh Knot Video:

Handout: The Welsh Knot.pdf

The Welsh Language Commission:

World Religion Student Activities

Name the World Religion.pdf (1-12)

World Religion Identification Student Activity.pdf (1-8)

USA Religions by Counties.pdf (1-8)

Religion Matching Activity: Part I   Part II   Part III   Part IV   Student Handout

USA States and World Religion Circle Map.pdf

Where are you? Religion Activity.pdf (1-20)

Religions Near Loretto Handout.pdf

Religion Matching 1-6.pdf     Religion Matching 7-12.pdf

Religion Articles and Links

Religion Practice Map.pdf (map used for Schoology Quiz)

Blank World Religion Map.png (map used for Schoology Quiz)

World Religion Map Quiz Practice.pdf (not the map used on the quiz)

Religion Web Site:

Allahabad: The name change that killed my city's soul - BBC News.pdf

Many Muslims in Britain Tell of Feeling Torn Between...

Indonesian Muslims and Christians Argue over Allah.pdf

American Buddhism on the Rise

Religious Fundamentalism

Models of the Universe

NG Taboo Video (16:30-30:15):

Ethnicity Articles and Links

Ethnic Reading Assignment.pdf

Mapping America: Every City, Every Block NYT web site link

Global Security web site link

Northern Ireland Troubles Brewing

Asian-Nation The Model Minority Image

Asian-Nation Ethnic Communities & Enclaves

Asian-Nation  Interracial Dating & Marriage

Asian-Nation Socioeconomic Statistics & Demographics

Calle Ocho

There are no devils left in Hell

Seeds of Change in Rwanda

We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed...

3B Test Review.pdf

USA Racial and Ethnic Map Activity.pdf

France World Cup Map and Questions.pdf