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Facing History: facinghistory.org

Weimar: facinghistory/weimar

Genocide: www.genocide.org

World War ! Map: lMap of Europe 1914-2014


Identiy Keynote Activity- Student Download

Identity Keynote Example

Weimar Political Parties Activity.pdf

Types of Propaganda.pdf


Identity: What does it mean to be Jewish

Contemporary Germany Article: “How a Sleepy German Suburb...” - The New York Times.pdf

Remembrance Photos Page

60 Seconds Project Page

Practice Example: 60 Seconds to Care Practice Example.key

Directions: 60 Seconds to Care Keynote Directions.pdf

Handout for Project Overview: 60 Seconds to Care Project Outline Handouts.pdf

Student Handout for Psychic Numbing: Psychic Numbing.pdf

Reporter Handouts: Reporter Viewing Handout.pdf   Reporter Articles Handout.pdf

Holocaust Location Activity

List of Holocaust Memorials and Museums (website)

Reporter Presentations

Congo FHAO.key (Mac)

Congo FHAO.ppt (PC)

Photo Analysis Web Site

Community Word.doc

Facing History & Ourselves Honors

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