D i s c i p l i n e   P l a n

Classroom Rules

Follow all school rules and treat everyone like you want to be treated.

1. Follow all directions given by the teacher.

2. No profanity will be tolerated.

3. No talking when the teacher is talking.

4. Be on time and prepared with paper and pencil for each class period.

5. Respect the opinions, questions, and comments of other students by not laughing or        

             denigrating their points of view.


1. The most important reward is LEARNING.        

2. Verbal Praise.                        

3. Self-Confidence.                                

4. Special privileges.                                


1. Warning.    

2. Teacher / Student Conference .

3. Call to Parent or Guardian.

4. Referral to the office. ***

    ***Immediate Referrals for profanity, fighting, insubordination, etc.

K e y s   T o   S u c c e s s

1. Be on time for class.

2. Have all class materials.

3. Study for quizzes and tests.

4. Understand that you must work for your grade!

5. Stay in your seat and listen when I am talking.

C o n d u c t  G r a d e  D e t e r m i n e d

E - Active classroom participation, prepared for class, no classroom disruptions.*

S- Paying attention in class, prepared for class, three or fewer classroom disruptions.*

N- Student’s behavior requires parental notification, student receives ISS for infractions due to the behavior in this class, and student has more than three classroom disruptions.

U- Student receives OSS or if student has received more than one disciplinary referral for behavior in my class. 

*Classroom disruption: any behavior (excessive talking, sleeping, lack of materials, etc.) by the student that requires a teacher reprimand.

From the Shelby County Schools Policy Manual:


Houston High School Code of Honor.pdf